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Pierogi Ladies Introductory Offer

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A combination pack of all our pierogis.

This combo pack has it all, literally! This pack is designed for customers new to Pierogi Ladies, and maybe those that are new to pierogis entirely. You can try all of the pierogis in our collection, find out which one is your favourite (maybe all of them!) and then come back for more in your next order.
Pierogi Ladies is a proud member of the Butler and White’s family. They bring us traditional Polish cuisine in the form of hand-made pierogis. They use fresh ingredients and traditional recipes and techniques to create an authentic experience for our customers. Pierogi Ladies have also collated a range of fun dumpling-lover accessories as well as a fine selection of vodka to pair with their pierogis for a fantastic Polish dumpling party.

Cooking Instructions
To cook these dumplings through from frozen, bring a deep pot of salted water to a hard boil. Gently place pierogi one by one into water and cook for until they start floating to the surface, then reduce the heat slightly and cook for an additional 4 minutes. For a crispy finish, remove the pierogi from the water once they have floated to the top then sauté in a pan with a neutral oil for about 3 minutes or until they are golden, turning in the pan so that each side gets crisped.

If your item was supplied frozen, please defrost thoroughly before consuming or cooking.

See individual Pierogi

Free from additives.

Nutritional Information
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Allergen Information
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Supplied as 24 x 20g


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